All Categories > NEW STUDENT PASS > I have obtained my student pass sticker, and I would like to open a bank account. What are the documents needed?
You must bring the following documents with you to open a bank account of your choice:

  1. Original passport with student pass sticker
  2. EMGS Verification Letter to open a bank account (a copy will be provided once a SORS request has been submitted)
  3. Monash Verification letter to open a bank account (kindly submit a request through SORS to obtain this letter)
  4. A copy of your offer letter
  5. A copy of your Visa Approval Letter (eVAL)

* You may be required to make an appointment with the bank to open your bank account. Kindly contact the bank of your choice for this arrangement.

 Last updated Mon, Mar 13 2023 10:45am
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