1. Am I required to have a minimum attendance of 80% and WAM of 50 for each and every unit I am enrolled on?  
  2. Do I still need to fulfill the 80% attendance requirement even though I am outside Malaysia and studying online?  
  3. How do I know if and when I have poor attendance? Who can help me to check?  
  4. I am not holding a Student Pass (eg. Malaysia My Second Home or Dependent or Diplomatic or Working Permit or Residence pass) in Malaysia. Do I need to record attendance?  
  5. I cannot login in to the Attendance System. What should I do?  
  6. I have dropped a unit but why is the Attendance System showing that I am still enrolled for that unit?  
  7. I have just allocated for my units and it is not showing in the attendance system?  
  8. Is attendance recording and tracking compulsory for all international students and why?  
  9. I’m taking a Winter unit (in June - July) but my lecturer did not issue a code for recording of attendance. Why is that so?  
  10. My Monash online access has been blocked/encumbered. Can I still record my attendance?  
  11. The code given by the lecturer/tutor is wrong. I have checked with my classmates and everyone has the same problem. What do we do in such a case?  
  12. The replacement activity is not showing in the attendance system.  
  13. There are many replacement classes because of public holidays. Do I have to attend all classes?  
  14. This is the last semester of my course. Do I still need to submit my attendance?  
  15. Under what circumstances will I be considered as absent with valid reasons?  
  16. What do I need to do after receiving an email notification for unsatisfactory attendance?  
  17. Why am I getting an email notification for unsatisfactory attendance?  
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