1. Am I eligible to apply for a one-off pass?  
  2. Do I need to do a pre-arrival medical screening before coming to Malaysia?  
  3. Do I need to obtain a Single Entry Visa (SEV)?  
  4. EMGS is requesting additional documents for the student pass application. Where do I send my documents to?  
  5. How can I get my eVAL and what is the estimated processing time?  
  6. How do I accept my offer letter?  
  7. How do I monitor the status of my student pass application?  
  8. I am not sure which category of Student Pass application I fall under.  
  9. I have completed my medical screening, what should I do next?  
  10. I have decided not to continue with Monash. However, I have not obtained a student pass yet. Can I get a refund of my student pass fees?  
  11. I have failed my medical screening. What should I do next?  
  12. I have not been to Malaysia before, what are the closest accommodation available from the campus?  
  13. I have obtained my eVAL, what should I do next?  
  14. I have obtained my student pass sticker, and I would like to open a bank account. What are the documents needed?  
  15. I would like to get more information about my insurance coverage.  
  16. If my passport validity is less than 18 months from the commencement date, do I need to renew my passport?  
  17. I’m currently in Malaysia with an eVAL, what should I do next?  
  18. My EMGS application is closed. What should I do next?  
  19. My eVAL has expired, what should I do next?  
  20. What are my next steps after I have accepted my offer letter?  
  21. When should I apply for my Student Pass?  
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